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tracie martyn

Tracie Martyn has pioneered the category of high-performance, eco-luxe, safe, clean, all-natural skincare to pamper, protect, and beautify your skin and leave it with a healthy glow. Scientifically formulated for fast anti-aging results, these holistic yet derm-strength products blend organic botanicals with natural cosmeceuticals for gravity-defying, brightening, and complexion smoothing effects. Her award-winning, beauty editor coveted, influencer-endorsed, luxurious and nourishing product regimen, and her uplifting, high-tech services transform the skin's appearance gently and effectively without compromising safety for results or vice versa. Following the vision she calls Pure Revolution®, Tracie selected the best ingredients from all over the world that fit her understanding of skin care as nutrition for the skin and omitted everything that she believes does not belong IN and therefore ON the body.