“There’s no filter on the screen, your skin looks fantastic... Christie, I’ve got to say, whatever you’re doing, I think people are going to copy, because it’s working!”
Dr. Mehmet Oz
The Dr. Oz Show


Every woman over 40 knows the neck, chin, jawline and chest area are the first to take the aging hit—and the first to reveal our age.


It can be exhausting trying to hide the damage with makeup or with scarves and high necks.


If you’re feeling like a slave to gravity and not in control of your skin… and overwhelmed by the ever-expanding list of expensive treatments and creams out there all vying for your money or time…


Then you should do what Christie Brinkley does.


It’s this latest beauty secret that kept her neck looking healthy and glowing.


But what does the 67-year-old supermodel do to keep her neck & chest area so youthful?

This Scientifically Designed Formula Is Christie Brinkley’s Neck’s Best Friend


Leading anti-aging company SBLA Beauty have developed a 100% noninvasive roll-on formula that promises to ‘sculpt’ your neck, chin & jawline area.


So far it has caused amazing transformations in many celebrities such as Christie Brinkley… as well as hundreds of thousands of women all over the world who weren’t happy with how their neck looked.


“I swear by my @sblabeauty Neck Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wands! Clinically PROVEN to rejuvenate your skin from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your décolétage,” says Brinkley.

 “You will love the look of your neck and jawline too! My jaw was on the floor when I saw what it did for me! Ou la la! They are fantastique!”

Revolutionizing the Anti Aging Industry With Products Clinically Proven to Work


SBLA Beauty’s founder, Randi Shinder, saw a gap in the market. Every anti-aging brand out there was focusing on the face…


But no one had an effective solution for the neck and chest areas – those delicate areas which are most prone to aging.


Most at-home anti-aging neck products have an ingredient list that sounds impressive on paper. But the majority of them don’t penetrate the skin deep enough to be effective.


That’s why Randi and her team decided to develop something that’s clinically proven1 to work.



The beauty industry is filled with promises of eternal youth and a pool of products claim to grant those wishes. But no one had anything for the neck, chin and jawline that actually worked.” 

”I am very proud that we were able to deliver a product that resonates with so many women – and truly provides the results they’re looking to achieve.” says the SBLA Beauty founder.

Meet the Routine That Puts You Back In Control of Your Skin


The SBLA AM/PM wanding routine is scientifically designed to target aging concerns such as neck wrinkles, double chin, ‘turkey neck’, crepey or sagging skin and hyperpigmentation.


It uses technologies like microsphere ingredient delivery, biomimicking, IRISIN fat burning (a Harvard-backed technology2 ) to deliver results while being as safe and gentle on the skin as possible.


Clinical study shows its effects can be both instantly visible, but most customers report dramatic changes with consistent use after 2 weeks.


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How the SBLA Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting System Works


The SBLA Duo Set routine consists of two sculpting wands that target your entire neck, chin, jawline & décolletage area.


The SBLA Original Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand is applied both in the morning and before bed. This wand works to:

  ✔️ Target necklace lines, jowls, crepey and sagging skin
  ✔️ Promote skin firmness & elasticity

  ✔️ Brighten and refine skin texture


The SBLA Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand XL is only applied before bed. While you sleep this wand works to:

  ✔️ Target unwanted fat under the chin
  ✔️ Boost collagen production
  ✔️ Regenerate skin with millions of new skin cells

Real Women Are Getting Real Results With SBLA

Real results from SBLA customers via *Individual results may vary.

Take Your Neck Beauty Into Your Own Hands


Join the 750,000+ women who are aging beautifully with clinically proven neck anti-aging system backed by science.


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