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Randi Shinder

Beauty Authority

If anyone knows great beauty™, it’s Randi Shinder. A self-proclaimed beauty junkie, Randi has created and launched four beauty brands so groundbreaking that they have formed new categories in fragrance and skin care—including her latest, greatest venture, greatbeauty™.

Randi’s foray into the competitive beauty market began in 2003 with her top-selling independent scent CLEAN Perfume, a unique fragrance meant to mimic that universal freshly showered feeling. Next, partnering with multi-platinum recording artist Jessica Simpson, she created prestige beauty brand Dessert Beauty, the only sensory beauty experience based on scent and flavors. New, innovative and fun, it became the first $10 million selling brand at Sephora.


Randi Shinder’s Must Haves


Randi's Expert Tips


Skin Beauty - A Consistent Regiment

Consistency is key for great healthy looking skin.

Randi cleanses her face every morning and night, applies a serum right after and hydrates her face, neck, lips and body for glowing skin.


Use A Little Make up - Less Is More

A no-makeup makeup look is Randi’s favorite way to look flawless.

Her must-have products include a low to medium coverage foundation, a brightening concealer, a nourishing mascara and peach colored lip and cheek.


Smell Great - Create Your Own Scent

Randi loves fragrance – as she says she is an official scentalcoholic. She likes to play with scents mixing them and sometimes spraying three different scents at a time. This will create your own unique scent!

Randi believes you should never smell your fragrance on yourself an hour after spraying or applying…that is the sign of a good fragrance for you.


Inner Beauty - It Shows On Your Face

Randi believes that a great diet will benefit the health and look your skin and hair. She keeps it simple by eating mostly organic, unrefined and natural ingredients. She also consumes matcha tea and takes beauty vitamins daily.

Her high protein diet consists of naturally raised meats, wild fish and high-quality protein powder, plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains found in the ‘Paleo’ diet.

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