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Tracie Martyn

Celebrity Color & Lips Beauty Expert

New York skin care specialist Tracie Martyn gives celebrities Sofia Vergara, Kate Winslet, Naomi Campbell, Dakota Johnson and Brad Pitt their red carpet ready great skin. She’s become the authority to whom actors and actresses, music industry icons, members of royal families and supermodels entrust their faces.


Tracie Martyn’s Must Haves


Tracie’s Expert Secrets


Cleanse Your Face

Use a sulfate free, enzyme enriched, exfoliating vitamin C cleanser everyday.

Put 3 pumps of the Amla Purifying Cleanser in your hand and add some water. Rub hands together to create a soft creamy foam and massage on to your entire face, taking extra care of the nose area where pores and blackheads tend to show most. The salicylic acid and vitamin C ingredients will work wonders to transform the texture of your skin. Wash off with tepid water.


Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliate two or three times a week.

Everyone’s skin is different but it’s important to exfoliate your face often to get rid of the dead skin cells. On still wet face apply a teaspoon of Tracie’s Enzyme Exfoliant to the entire face and gently massage in circular motions. Wait for 15 minutes for the pineapple enzymes, fruit acids and brightening kojic acid to do their magic, exfoliate and brighten your skin then wash off.



Moisturize and use sun protection daily.

In the dry cold air of winter, it’s the most important season of the year to remember to moisturize. Keep a travel size bottle of your favorite face cream in your bag for application on-the-go. Use Tracie’s the Firming Serum and/or Face Resculpting cream to deeply moisturize, contour, firm and lift the face and neck area and to protect your skin from extreme temperatures.


Inner Beauty

Eat a clean and green diet.

Remember that everything you put in your mouth affects your skin which is already fighting the brutal elements of the winter. Too much refined sugar can weaken collagen and create brown spots. Favor drinking water and green tea over alcohol and coffee. Try adding a teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll to your morning cup of herbal tea or put it in your travel water bottle. It works as a great detoxifier and therefore can benefit your skin.

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