Why 98% of All Neck Anti-Aging Products Fail (And What Works)

The level of choice out there today is crazy.

So many ‘miracle’ products and ingredients all promising to erase wrinkles and take years off your neck area…

They all proudly tell you they’re a ‘necklift in a bottle’ or ‘filler in a tube’…

From neck tightening creams to anti-wrinkle patches to LED lamps and oral supplements…

And it’s hard to know the truth with so many options out there.

But the truth is that most of these solutions end up a waste of time and money—and can take forever to show results.

(And us ladies don’t have forever—we need results now!)

So Many Options. So Much Disappointment.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular options offered to women today:


It prevents premature aging and wrinkles if you applied it religiously in the past. But it doesn’t do anything to fix years of neglect and UV photoaging.

Neck Firming Creams

Can make skin appear hydrated and smooth but don’t change wrinkles. Often they’re just an overpriced moisturizer. In some cases, the active chemicals inside them may cause rashes, irritation and allergy.

At-Home Light Therapy & Lasers

They claim to solve everything from wrinkles to acne, discoloration and other skin conditions. But the evidence is inconclusive. They’re also expensive and require overpriced gels to function.

Anti-Wrinkle Patches

They adhere to the skin like a bandaid to superficially reduce wrinkles, but they may choke and tighten on your skin so hard it becomes unbearable. May cause rashes, allergies and even skin tearing.

Neck & Facial Exercises

They can work to plump some hollow spots. But there’s a risk of deepening existing wrinkles and even getting horrible muscle overbuild that’s hard to reverse.

Dermarollers & Microneedling

May help with discoloration and skin texture, but require professional treatment to be truly effective. At-home rollers can be unhygienic, cause redness, bumps and acne breakouts.


A popular active chemical known for its anti-aging benefits. But most don’t know about its side effects.


There are hundreds of horror stories online talking about how they made things worse. Redness, itching, peeling, and even ‘cracked’ skin with a horrible ‘cling wrap’ look.


(Just imagine what may happen if you applied the wrong concentration on your delicate neck…)

The #1 Reason Why Most Topical Solutions Don’t Work


Countless products with ‘miracle’ ingredients vying for your time and money. But put them to the test and they cannot even live up to their ads.


All of their ingredients sound great on paper but are wasted because of ONE reason:


They never reach the deepest layers of the skin enough to be effective.


At best they’ll moisturize your skin, acting as an overpriced hand cream.


(This might trick you into thinking your wrinkles are reduced. But in reality, it’s the temporary look of soft, hydrated skin that creates the illusion.)

A Roll-On Alternative That’s Clinically Proven to Work

The SBLA Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wands are one of the only topical solutions on the market that are independently clinically proven to take years off the appearance of the neck, chin & jawline.

Famous celebrities today are obsessed with this revolutionary at-home solution:


"The beauty industry is filled with promises of eternal youth and a pool of products claim to grant those wishes. But no one had anything for the neck, chin and jawline that actually worked. The instant my close circle of friends and I tried the Original Neck Wand, we saw results -- I would think it was unbelievable if I didn't experience it myself."
Christie Brinkley
Supermodel and Actress, Age 67
“Worked better than any laser treatment I’ve ever had!"
Kathy Jacobs
SI Swimsuit Model, Age 57


But what makes SBLA Beauty different from what’s out there—and why should you try it?

Macro-Sphere Technology – Age Reversal That Goes Beyond the Naked Eye


Generic topical solutions usually don’t penetrate deep enough to work. Prescription drugs like retinoids can but often with harsh side effects.


That’s why SBLA Beauty developed their topical formula with innovative macro-sphere ingredient delivery.


Studies show it’s the superior ingredient delivery method for 1) reduced chance of irritation 2) improved efficiency, and 3) controlled release of the ingredients.


Try the SBLA Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wands


The SBLA formula has given new hope to thousands of women worldwide, and now famous celebrities are swearing by the results.



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